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Many countries require visas for tourists and business people. Visa matters can be complex and we at Asian Travel recommend that you check with your appropriate consulate(s) at least six weeks before any international departures that you plan. Many countries have strict visa requirements and may require multiple documents before they issue you a visa. Listed below are some links that will help you get started in your visa process. These links will direct you to an embassy of your choice, where you can call and ask for the appropriate visa requirements.


International travelers are encouraged to get international health and life insurance products designed to meet the unique needs of NON-U.S.A and U.S.A citizens that travel or live outside their country of citizenship. Whether you are taking a two-week trip overseas or plan to relocate to a foreign country, make sure that you have medical and life insurance that will meet your needs. Each year, millions of people travel outside of their Home Countries, beyond the boundaries of their medical insurance. They're concerned with the potential out-of-pocket expenses that could result from an injury or sickness abroad. Liaison International offers medical coverage and emergency services to individuals and families traveling outside their Home Countries. Visitors Insurance provides the peace of mind and protection you require while outside your home healthcare system. Make sure that you choose the plan that meets your international insurance needs and follow the links below for international travel, major medical or term life insurance.

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